Aerial Photography Services Cornwall

Aerial Photography & Videography

A specialist in drone photography and videography, I’m a CAA approved drone pilot using the latest in drone technology to produce stunning aerial visuals for companies based in Cornwall, the UK and over seas. Approved by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to fly UAV’s (Unmanned aerial vehicles) up the weight of 7KGs for day and night work.

As an experienced drone pilot I have the skill set to fly drones in tight spaces and difficult situations / locations while continuing to produce the highest quality of work. Using DJI drones I have the capabilities to fly up to 400ft and produce stunning photography, 360 images and video up to 4k. Using a 3 way gyro gimbal system the videography produced from the drone always remains stable and to the highest quality.

With the ability to fly up to 40mph and record footage at 120fps, I can capture the fastest moving subjects and slow the video down to beautiful slow motion cinematic footage.

Fully licensed with public liability insurance of up to £5 million.

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Aerial Drone Services

- Tourism & Travel Aerial Photography & Filming

- 360 Aerial Photography

- Aerial Panoramas

- Aerial Time-lapses

- Aerial Sports Photography & Videography

- Indoor Aerial Photography

- Aerial Property & Commercial Photography

- Aerial Night Photography